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Wordtrainer Mobile Edition

Wordtrainer Mobile Edition

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Wordtrainer ME is a software for practising words on your mobile phone.

See also Wordtrainer 3.0.



To download the latest Wordtrainer ME to your mobile phone wap in to: wap.wordtrainer.net and click Mobile.
You may also need an free Wordtrainer.net-account if you want to download lists to your mobile.
Please see requirements.



A Java-enabled mobile phone supporting the MIDP-1.0 standard.
Wordtrainer ME is tested with Sony Ericsson K500i and K700i.


Release Notes

Wordtrainer ME version 0.3.0


Not yet implemented:

Known bugs:

Wordtrainer ME version 0.2.0


Not yet implemented:

Known bugs:



You can contact me in the Wordtrainer Forum at www.wordtrainer.net.


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