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Wordtrainer 3.1-alpha1 screenshot



Until now Wordtrainer did only run on Windows, but the first aim of this project hosted at Google Code is to create a new version of Wordtrainer running on Linux and other platforms that supports .NET or Mono.

Wordtrainer is a computer program developed to make it possible to learn words fast and easy. You write the words in the program and than you can practise them many times. The program can also be used by teachers to print lists to the students.

More information can be found at the the old website for Wordtrainer 3.0 for Windows.



Source code and binary archives can be downloaded from the Google Code project page. There is my intention that in the future there will be packages for diffrent Linux distributions as Ubuntu/Debian packages, Fedora RPM:s and Gentoo ebuilds etc.



.NET 2.0 Runtime or Mono 1.2.4 or later
Gtk# 2.10
Possible some more, e-mail me if I missed some dependency.



You can contact me using e-mail to my name at "markuspage" then a dot and then "com".


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